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Mission & Mandate

Helping Africa meet its water challenges

The AWF helps African countries achieve the objectives and targets set by the Sustainable Development Goals - 2030 for the water and sanitation sector, and by the African Water Vision for 2025.

The Objective of the AWF

The objective of the AWF is to mobilize and deploy financial and human resources to ensure water security in Africa, and thus contribute to the achievement of the targets and objectives set by the African Water Vision for 2025 and the Sustainable Development Goals - 2030.

The AWF mission

    he AWF's mission is to be "the main instrument for water in Africa providing assistance and facilitating the mobilization of resources to address the huge investment gap that is needed for the development of water infrastructure".

    The AWF mandate

    Created by the African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW), the mandate for AWF is to work with regional member countries of the African Development Bank (AfDB), political subdivisions or agencies working within these countries, or regional agencies or institutions concerned with water resource development in Africa.


    The vision of the AWF is ‘Towards water for all by 2025’, which implies ensuring water for all citizens for all uses – drinking, hygiene, sanitation, industry, agriculture, energy, transport, tourism and ecosystems.


    The following list define the values the AWF stands for:

    • The AWF is committed to environmental and social sustainability: the development of the African water sector should not come at the expense of the environment, people and biodiversity. Environmental and social risks should be minimised, and environmental and social benefits enhanced
    • The AWF is committed to promoting innovation: new or different ideas can help achieve better results and deliver greater benefits, and therefore should be explored and considered whenever possible
    • The AWF is committed to building and maintaining a close relationship with its grantees throughout the entire duration of a project: building a good rapport with grantees and providing close support is essential to ensuring the success of our shared goals.
    • The AWF is committed to promoting knowledge exchange and collaboration: knowledge is essential to transforming the African continent and should be captured and disseminated to increase capacity to better manage and develop Africa’s water resources in a sustainable way
    • The AWF is committed to excellence: achieving excellence means closely monitoring and evaluating performance, looking out for opportunities to improve, identifying strengths to build on
    • The AWF is committed to fostering partnerships between all water stakeholders: catalysing the development of the African water sector requires collaboration across sectors, institutions and nations and should be encourage and enabled
    • The AWF is committed to improving lives and livelihoods for all: developing the water sector should deliver benefits and impacts that are indiscriminate, far reaching and can be multiplied.


    The AWF’s strategic focus is on Project Preparation, Water Knowledge and Water Governance, providing grants and technical assistance to ensure that projects are bankable, viable and future-proofed, with a clear opportunity for effective implementation.