Eligibility to the Call for Proposals (climate)

To be eligible to receive AWF grants or technical assistance under the call for proposals to fund the “preparation of climate resilient water resources development programmes and projects”, applicants must be from one of  the  regional member countries of the African Development Bank, political subdivisions or agencies working within these countries; or regional agencies or institutions concerned with water resources development in Africa.


  • NGOs and academic institutions are eligible under certain conditions (see below)
  • Private sector entities are not eligible to receive funding under the Call.

More complete information on the eligibility of applicants/recipients can be found in the application form and guidelines. This form is the main reference document for applicants.

Profile of ideal candidate

While any eligible recipient may apply, the evaluation of proposals will consider the applicants role in identifying and approving water resources investments.

In this regard, given that the nature of this Call is to mobilise investment financing, successful applicants are likely to be:

governmental bodies, at the national and regional level, who have the responsibility to manage water resources and to coordinate and mobilise financing for water related investments.

This may include, from any country or region of Africa:

  • national or local governments
  • municipalities
  • public utilities
  • regional, sub-regional or sectorial organisations (Regional Economic Organisations, River Basin Organisations, etc.) 

The participation of NGOs and others types of institutions

Regional or international development institutions, NGOs or academic institutions are encouraged to participate in the Call.

However since the mandate for investments in major water resources investment projects, especially public schemes, lies with governmental institutions, the participation of NGOs and academic institutions is expected in most cases to be done through partnerships arrangements with the types of eligible governmental bodies described above.

It is expected that partnering organisations will exploit complementarities with the applicant and provide valuable expertise based on their climate and water sector experience.

Partnerships may also enable a broader climate sensitive water-energy-land focus in the water resources development and investment planning studies.

Letters of endorsement from the applicant for any partner must be submitted with the proposal.  See requirements for NGOs in the application form for more details

Co-financing opportunities

Co-financing by the applicant and partners is encouraged, either in cash or in-kind.

Pledged co-financing by partnering organisations, in the form of cash contributions for project activities, will be favourably assessed as part of the evaluation process for the proposals received under the Call, and should be noted in the proposal.

Furthermore, in accordance with African Development Bank project financing guidelines and procurement procedures, the AWF funding can only be used to finance service providers that have been competitively procured to undertake the preparation studies and other project activities.

As a result, applicants and partner organisations are expected to finance all other activities.  

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