24 July 2014

30/07/2014 - 30/07/2014
Promoting private sanitation venture to curb water-borne diseases and turn waste into energy and fertilizer in Kisumu, Kenya

The Kisumu Water and Sewage Company (KIWASCO) received a €1.2 million AWF grant to support a project that will provide sanitation services for residents in the Manyatta settlement in Kisumu, Kenya, while creating business through the sale of fertilizers, biogas and energy as by-product of the sanitation collection. 

The project will lead to the construction of 100 demonstration toilets, the sell of 1500 new and 500 upgraded household toilets through micro-credit financing. The availability and quality of this new infrastructure is expected to significantly help curb incidence of water-borne diseases in the area.

The knowledge created from lessons learnt throughout the project will be used to showcase the initiative and attract further investment, allowing for the scaling up of the project. An initial 48,000 people will benefit from the project, with an additional 240,000 residents of the Kisumu urban area who stand to benefit when the project expands to other settlements. 

Categories: Kenya, Innovation, Sanitation and hygiene, Water knowledge, Public-Private Partnership

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