1 January 2012

Project Status: OngoingOngoing
13/11/2013 - 13/11/2013
africa satellite NASA

January 2012 – The Government of Sudan received a € 3.3 million grant to finance the preparation of bankable investment plans to leverage the US $100 million in financing required to meet the medium and longer term water and sanitation needs of the inhabitants in 15 to 20 small rural towns in Darfur, as well as neighbouring pastoralists and nomadic peoples. The grant will also be used to undertake priority rehabilitation works on water infrastructure and to demonstrate integrated approaches to meeting domestic, institutional, commercial livestock and small-scale farming, water and sanitation needs in about six of these small rural towns. Overall, the project will help address the destructive impact of prolonged conflict on water infrastructure, which is exacerbated by disputes over water resources, particularly between pastoralist, nomadic and settled populations.

Photo courtesy of Nasa

Categories: Sudan, Project preparation, Sanitation and hygiene, Climate change adaptation

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