Successful water project preparation

The African Water Facility (AWF) brings highly specialist experience to water project preparation, helping clients to secure investment funding across a wide range of sectors.

Historically, water infrastructure projects in Africa have often failed through lack of adequate design and investment. To secure significant investment, water projects must show robust project preparation and meet strict investment criteria.

The AWF provides financial and technical assistance for the preparation of high quality pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, investment plans, and structured public, private and public-private partnership operations.

The AWF helps ensure that investment projects meet the essential criteria typically required by development banks, government development agencies or other investors. The AWF will also help grantees to arrange round table investment talks when bids reach the required standard.

The preparation of bankable projects constitutes the bulk of the AWF portfolio. Grant requests to support projects of this type are usually given priority. Project preparation – financed by the AWF generally leads to highly successful investment mobilisation efforts: on average, each €1 contributed by the AWF has attracted €34 in additional follow-up investments.

Occasionally, the AWF will support small strategic, innovative and catalytic investment projects, often community-driven or located in fragile states, to pilot promising ideas with scalable intention.

Application Process

AWF offers grants of between €50,000 and €5,000,000 to fund water projects.


Water Governance

The AWF supports capacity building to create an environment conducive to investment and ongoing viability.


Water Knowledge

The AWF funds the development of water information systems to inform decision-making process and track progress and achievements.


AWF in Action

Mozambique: Support for the preparation of the National Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme.

The AWF support resulted in the mobilisation of €93.4 million on follow-on investment projects.

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