Promoting water knowledge

The African Water Facility (AWF) provides grants and support to promote water knowledge through the collection of data to facilitate viable projects and informed governance, leading to effective and sustainable investments.

The paucity of data and information and the general lack of knowledge of water resources can seriously impede the implementation and efficient management of water projects.

The AWF provides funding for the development and implementation of water information systems for better informed management of water resources and improved decision-making at national, regional and transboundary levels. Typically this includes:

  • Information management: Support is provided for the development of information management, and monitoring and evaluation systems; this will typically be used for the elaboration of national and regional plans, programmes and project designs, and to provide data for monitoring and evaluation activities
  • Knowledge generation and dissemination: Support is provided for generating and disseminating water knowledge and encouraging the adoption of lessons and best practices from successful projects
  • Data collection: Support is provided in order to enhance information on national, regional and transboundary water resources through improved hydrological data and information gathering

By helping to establish robust water sector knowledge systems and management, the AWF helps to formulate quality water projects with sustainable results.

Application Process

AWF offers grants of between €50,000 and €5,000,000 to fund water projects.


Project Preparation

The AWF works with stakeholders to create bankable projects, from initial feasibility studies right through to donor round tables.


Water Governance

The AWF supports capacity building to create an environment conducive to investment and ongoing viability.


AWF in Action

Ethiopia: Development of water information and knowledge management systems.

The AWF grant will help to create systems to provide reliable and timely qualitative and quantitative data for water sector planning and management.

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