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Stimulating donor interests at the 9th World Water Forum

03 April 2022

The African Water Facility (AWF) participated in the World Water Forum from 22 to 27 March 2022 in Dakar. Under the aegis of the Bank's Water and Sanitation Department, the delegation consisting of AWF’s Coordinator, Mtchera Chirwa, the Principal Public-Private Partnership Finance Expert, and the Resource Mobilization Adviser participated in various sessions related to water and sanitation issues in Africa.

In a session, on the development of a Financial Handbook for the water and the sanitation sector, Mtchera addressed the panelists from sector leads and a highly enthusiastic audience and explained the importance of this knowledge product and to mobilize investment in the sector. The PPP expert also presented a brief on the handbook. The Handbook is planned to release soon.

During various sessions, the AWF Coordinator spoke about the Facility's commitment to support the development and implementation of the Africa Urban Sanitation Investment Fund (AUSIF) that is to attract efficient and sustainable investments in urban sanitation by development and commercial finance institutions; and to mobilize additional funds into the sector. The AUSIF is targeted to launch by the end of the year 2022.

During a high-level dialogue on access to water and sanitation services in the Sahel, the AWF presented the NDF and Denmark program in the Sahel and welcomed/appreciated major donors of this program.

The Dakar Forum was also an opportunity for the AWF to stimulate donor interests. The AWF met a series of donors and partners to raise awareness on AWF’s uniqueness as the only African Project Preparation Facility geared to mitigate poor access to water and sanitation in Africa and to present the Facility’s Investment Case of March 2022.

"We have told donors that we seek to mobilize a minimum of 62.2 million Euros—an average of 12.5 million euros annually over a five-year period to enable us meet the targets set out in our 2025 revised strategy for 2017-2025", said Mtchera at the end of the meeting. However, a separate business plan with resource planning for the AUSIF is currently under preparation.

The AWF Coordinator invited the audience to download the new Investment Case, which explains why donors should partner with and invest into the AWF.