29 avril 2015

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15/02/2016 - 15/02/2016
Improved sanitation value chain in Arba Minch

(En anglais seulement) Arba Minch is one of the major cities in Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional States and located app. 500 km south of the capital Addis Ababa. Sanitation is a major issue for the municipality - inappropriate waste collection, treatment and disposal techniques are some of the main reasons of this sanitation crisis, jointly with a lack of demand from households.

The proposed intervention directly builds on the municipality’s experience from a number of past and ongoing projects: The “Resource Oriented Sanitation Concepts for Periurban Areas in Africa (research) project (ROSA)” promoted resource-oriented sanitation concepts as a route to sustainable and ecologically sound sanitation in order to meet the MDGs, while the “Capacity-linked Water and Sanitation for Africa’s Peri-urban and Rural Areas (CLARA) project” aimed at strengthening local capacities in the water supply and sanitation sector. Furthermore the “Sanitation in Peri-urban areas in Africa (SPA)” project together with OMO Micro Financing Institution, was a sanitation financing project directed towards providing sustainable sanitation in un-served peri- urban areas in developing countries on a loan/grant financing basis where loans work in a revolving fashion;

Activities to improve the sanitation situation – design, implementation, operation of facilities, infrastructure and processes – are based on strategic and operational plans. Currently still the capacity of Arba Minch Town is limited as far as strategic and operational planning is concerned and even more so with regard to monitoring and knowledge management. While earlier projects introduced certain aspects along the sanitation services chain which are at least partly functional, critical gaps limit the closure of the value chain.

The Project will deliver two key outcomes: (1) an Improved Sanitation Service Chain, and (2) Improved Sanitation Planning and Municipality Capacity, and comprise three components with a number of concrete outputs: (i) Component 1 targets the improvement of the sanitation service chain by increasing the demand for the construction of improved toilets, increasing the effectiveness of transport services for human excreta, increasing the production of compost from bio-solids and increasing the demand for compost for reuse; (ii) Component 2 focuses on the improvement of the Sanitation Planning and Municipal Capacity Building by increasing the coverage of the existing strategic sanitation plan and institutionalising operational sanitation planning; and (iii) Component 3 ensures efficient and effective utilization of AWF grant proceeds, and the timely delivery of project outcomes and outputs.

The Recipient of the AWF grant is the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development. The Executing Agency will be Arba Minch Town Municipality. The project will be implemented over a period of 48 months.

 It is recommended that a grant of € 1,200,000 from the AWF be extended to the Government of Ethiopia for the implementation of this project. The total project costs amounts € 1,500,000, out of which Arba Minch Municipality will contribute € 300,000.

Catégories: Éthiopie, Atténuation des effets du changement climatique, Assainissement et hygiène

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