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Development of Tunisia’s water vision and strategy 2050 01 January 2011 Cancel

January 2011 – The Government of Tunisia received a € 1 million grant to develop a national water vision and strategy to ensure the proper management of the country’s water resources up to 2050 and increase water security.

Togo-Ghana Trans-boundary Water Supply 18 December 2013 Ongoing

December 2013 - Ghana Water LC received a €2.1 million grant to undertake feasibility studies of a public-private partnership for a water transfer project from the Volta in Ghana to Lome in Togo.

Strengthening water and environmental engineering capacity in fragile states – 2IE 01 September 2008 Ongoing

September 2008 - L’Institut international d’ingénierie de l’eau et de l’environnement (2iE) received a  €1.9 million grant to finance the education of 230 water engineering students hailing from fragile states, namely from Burundi, CAR, Chand Ivor

Re-optimization and re-operation study of the Akosombo, Kpong dams 01 August 2010 Completed

August 2010 - The Water Resources Commission (WRC) of Ghana received a € 1.8 million grant to finance the Akosombo and Kpong Dams reoptimisation and reoperation study.

Investment plans for sanitation in eight Malagasy cities 14 January 2016 Ongoing

(In French only) Huit villes vont être dotées de plans d'investissement pour l'assainissement à Madagascar, grâce à un don de 1,8 million d’euros.

Design for reuse-harvesting the value of effluent and nutrients for sustaining the operation of sanitation facilities 10 July 2010 Completed

July 2010 - The Water Resources Commission (WRC) received a €500,000 grant to   introduce a market and end-user oriented planning approach that simultaneously closes the water and nutrient loops called "Design for Reuse" in order to effectively ca