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Piloting rainwater harvesting techniques in Bugesera

December 2006 -The Government of Rwanda received a € 450,000 grant to support a project intended to introduce rainwater harvesting techniques for agriculture and livestock use, as well as to supply drinking water for human consumption in rural districts of Rwanda. This pilot scheme will also make it possible to popularize and scale up the techniques for rainwater harvesting throughout areas in the country which frequently suffer from the effects of drought.

Photo courtesy of Nasa


Mapping, assessment, management of transboundary water resources in the IGAD sub-region

January 2007 -The Inter-Governmental Authority for Development (IGAD) received a €1.8 million grant to implement and operate an Integrated Transboundary Water Resources Management process. The project aims at enhancing regional cooperation and water resource governance capacities to address water related development problems at national and sub-regional level. It will also contribute to build regional capacity to provide hydrological data and information services and establish mechanisms of cooperation among the IGAD member countries for water resources management.


Preparation of integrated water resources management (IWRM) Plan

April 2007 - The Government of Niger received a €660,800 grant to formulate, endorse and implement the transition strategies for the adoption of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) through a national Action Plan 2025.


Roof catchment rainwater harvesting and management

May 2007 - The Network for Water and Sanitation, Uganda (NETWAS-U) received a €450,000 grant to conduct education, sensitization activities to promote roof rainwater harvesting (RWH) to provide relief to the most water stressed parts of the country through the implementation of this low cost solution. The system will provide safe water to the households for a period that will extend beyond the dry spells with aim to secure water supply all year round.


Niger Basin – multipurpose infrastructure to adapt to climate change

December 2013 – The Niger Basin Authority received a €1.5 million grant to conduct feasibility studies for infrastructure aimed at adapting to climate change. The AWF will also catalyse investments through supporting technical, economic, financial, environmental and social feasibility studies. 137 million people are expected to benefit from this project.


Strengthening the information and knowledge capacity of CICOS for the water resources management of the Congo Basin

May 2007 - The International Commission for the Congo-Ubangi-Sangha Basin (CICOS) received a € 455,000 grant to reinforce its capacity to collect and manage hydrologic data and information as well as well to enhance Congo Basin water resources knowledge.